Books by Timothy M. Tays, PhD

Timothy M. Tays, PhD has published in textbooks as well as in professional journals, newspapers, and newsletters. Psychological topics range from sexual addiction treatment models, personal boundaries, male issues, to impression management. He also publishes books with psychological themes to help his readers and clients via stories.

“Wannabe Distance God” (2013), is a memoir dealing with the motivating factors that produce obsessive passion in someone, in this case, distance running.

“Also-Ran” (2016), is a Young Adult novella—complete with therapeutic drawings and interpretations—dealing with the coming-of-age of a a seventeen-year-old male distance runner.

“The Chameleon Complex” (2017), is about the masks we wear to hide our shame—impression management—preventing emotional intimacy. It is told by Dr. Tays looking back over his life as he grows into greater transparency and authenticity.

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